onsdag 18. juni 2008

Storlien 30th May-5th June

Staffan had his last exam on Monday and went to Storlien (by the Swedish border) on Wednesday. I came on Friday. Our plan was to go south and see how far we got in 7-8 days. Staffan had sprained his ancle before I came, so we stayed by Storlien longer than intended and went for day hikes. There was still snow left in patches, but we had lots of sun and warm weather. One day we went to Brudslöjan (a waterfall) and took pictures. There were a few people by the waterfall but during our whole stay in the mountains we only saw one person except there.

Another day we hiked to the top of a mountain (Steinfjellet), which was a nice variation to our usual walks. There was a nice view of both Norway and Sweden from the top, and right below the top was a small lake protected from the wind where we ate our lunch. On the way back we passed another small lake. It was surrounded by snow on all sides, had a deep blue color and many small ice-bergs floated in the water. The contrast between the white snow, blue water and light blue sky was very special.

We started southward towards Tydal in Norway on 4th June and put up camp southwest of Blåhammaren. The cuckoos sang constantly in the trees down in the valley, water trickled past us on all sides from the snow melting higher up the mountain and a reindeer herd passed by. The next day Staffan got a strong hayfever reaction. We decided to rather go east, which would save us from a long last day on roads and make the trip shorter, so we ended up in Enafors. Summer got a better grip during our trip, but there was still a lot of snow in places. When we came down to the forest again towards Enafors the mosquito season had started. It was interesting to see how the different plants started flowering while we were there.